Our Brands

Our Brands

For China we will create unique brands in each market segment. The brand is our Unique Selling Point. We can outperform the market in each hotel location. Swisstouches Hotels & Resorts incorporates the concept of Swiss elegance and innovative technology, bringing a whole new definition of hotels for the Chinese hotel industry, Swisstouches provides the best value return to its owners, offering hotel management and consultancy management.


The Swisstouches brands in China are:


Swisstouches Grand Hotels & Resorts …the 5 star service plus brand,
Pure Luxury Iconic Hotel Experience


Swisstouches Hotels & Resorts ….the 5 star service brand, 
Unique Relaxation the Swisstouches Way


Swistyle Hotel … the 5 star service business class hotel,
The Relaxing Business Lifestyle

 Swiss Home … Superior Comfort Class, with 5 Star Service
 Experience the warmth and homeliness of the Swiss Home Brand



     The Most Unique Collection… Swisstouches Collection
      of the Most Unique Hotels in the World



Swisstouches Residences
Your dream home has a Swiss address