Swiss professional trainings to deliver high quality guest service.


In May 2018, Swisstouches Training Academy Head Office successfully launched two important training sessions within the Swisstouches hotels china region. 

The training focused on unique Swiss training concepts from HTMi, the Swisstouches Support Center in Switzerland, aimed to enhance the learning and development for all the Swisstouches members. At the same time, Mr. Alan Sorensen, International Talent Development & Training Director at HTMi Switzerland was invited to China to share powerful hotel management trainings. Part of intense and interactive training sessions, all the participants were inspired to continue their journey to becoming elite hospitality professionals and deliver high quality guest service experience for all the Swisstouches guests around the world.


Swisstouches in Switzerland – HTMi, A Leading Hotel Institute of the World

HTMi, Hotel and Tourism Management Institute Switzerland, is located in the beautiful center of Switzerland. In 2018, HTMi ranked top 14 in the world by QS subject ranking. This is also the birthplace for Swisstouches Hotels & Resorts. Swisstouches Hotels and Resorts is fully supported by the many research and development centres at HTMi including centres for culinary development, research, events, training and careers. 


Continuous training and development opportunities following the renowned Swiss hospitality standards are part of the Swisstouches commitment to take best care of its family members. HTMi, the Swisstouches Support Center in Switzerland, will continue supporting the training and development of human talent and excellence in all the Swisstouches properties.


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