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Swisstouches CEO News Release: “Swisstouches Hotel Brand Opening Soon in 2011”

Swisstouches CEO News Release: “Swisstouches Hotel Brand Opening Soon in 2011”

  • Time of issue:2011-12-21 19:15

(Summary description)TheEditorofHospitalityTimes,theleadingonlinenewspaperfortheinternationalhospitalityandtourismindustry(,interviewsCEOofSwisstouchesHotelsandResorts,MrIanRLarmour.HTEditor:“MrL

Swisstouches CEO News Release: “Swisstouches Hotel Brand Opening Soon in 2011”

(Summary description)TheEditorofHospitalityTimes,theleadingonlinenewspaperfortheinternationalhospitalityandtourismindustry(,interviewsCEOofSwisstouchesHotelsandResorts,MrIanRLarmour.HTEditor:“MrL

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  • Time of issue:2011-12-21 19:15
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The Editor of Hospitality Times, the leading online newspaper for the international hospitality and tourism industry ( , interviews CEO of Swisstouches Hotels and Resorts , Mr Ian R Larmour.

HT Editor : “Mr Larmour please tell us  about  the Swisstouches Hotels and Resort Concept”

Ian R Larmour, Swisstouches “ Swisstouches Hotels and Resorts is a newly launched international brand for the international hotel and tourism industry Our research and development centre is nestled in the beautiful Swiss Alps. There we  have a highly motivated team of experienced hoteliers and creative young people creating and testing many new hospitality concepts, and eventually these will arrive in our hotels.”

HT Editor : “ So  will you develop this brand in Switzerland?

Swisstouches CEO, Larmour : “ Well we have some smaller hotels in Switzerland,  but we think that there is no competitive advantage  in creating a “Swiss Brand”   for hotels in Switzerland, so our strategy is to look to markets where the Switzerland global image  is positive and where real estate development in hotels is strong.

HT Editor “ Your target Markets ?”

Swisstouches CEO, Larmour “ We can tell you that there are many potential target markets but the one according to our analysis  that is top of our list, is China, where the GDP growth is strong, and hotel real estate development is strong”

HT Editor “ What are your projects in China ? “

Swisstouches CEO, Larmour “ Well in 2011 we will open a Swisstouches Hotel in Xian, Shaanxi Province, and we have a future pipeline of projects in other cities. Our list is not long but we haven’t tried too hard to create  too many projects. So far we have secured projects through networking and real estate owners like our creativity, uniqueness and positive attitude”

HT Editor “ So who are your key competitors ?”

Swisstouches CEO, Larmour “ Everyone in each market segment “

HT Editor “So what is the Swisstouches Unique Selling Point  ?”

Swisstouches CEO Larmour “ The brand is our Unique Selling Point, and  with the correct combination of marketing , management, service, and new products, we can outperform the market. Of course we will need to work very hard and have  some luck too. To launch the brand we have :appointed Micros Opera as our Property Management System, we have boosted our world wide travel agent network by partnering with  Travelclick iHotelier Central Reservation System and  we joined creative forces with the world’s leading hotel interior design company HBA, Hirsch Bender Associates…. a powerful combination ”

HT Editor “  What is the difference between Swisstouches and Swissotel and Movenpick ?”

Swisstouches CEO Larmour “  They are all different brands with different owners and management teams”

HT Editor “ Good luck with  the venture”

CEO Larmour “ Thank you, luck is always important but we will  ‘Go the extra mile and then some in everything that we do’. This is our Passion Charter and we are living it every day”

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