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Career Advantage

Career Advantage

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Career Advantage


The Career statement for all new Swisstouches “Family Members“ ( all employees)   is:
The Swisstouches wish and mission for all ambitious staff is
“ Arrive as a staff member, become a manager”
“ Arrive as a manager, become a general manager”


To support the hotel operation and all of the talented people who work at Swisstouches, we  provide the famous Swiss hospitality education and training for all Swisstouches Family Members.Each hotel has a Swisstouches Training Academy featuring courses and training including Swisstouches Certified Hospitality Professional Diplomas, Butler Training, Spa Training, Innovation Training, and much more. The emphasis of all training and education is on providing all staff and management with advanced and wider knowledge in preparation for their future careers.


Our strategy is to develop the full potential of each Family Member, highlighting future managers, and then to develop each manager to become a General Manager. Our system and way to do this is called the “Swisstouches Way”, a unique concept to nurture and develop our human talent.


The world famous Swiss hospitality training is offered to all Family Members at all levels with the compliments of Swisstouches.


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